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Crossing the boundaries :Gauge dynamics at strong coupling : proceedings of the workshop in honor of the 60th birthday of Misha Shifman /Editors: Marco Peloso, Arkady Vainshtein.. -Singapore :World Scientific,2010
552 tr. ;24 cm
This volume contains the proceedings of the workshop “Crossing the Boundaries: Gauge Dynamics at Strong Coupling”, hosted by the William I. Fine Theoretical Physics Institute at the University of Minnesota, May 14 – 17, 2009. The workshop honored the 60th birthday of Professor Misha Shifman and his outstanding achievements in the field of gauge dynamics. The meeting attracted a fascinating group of researchers working on the cutting edge of dynamics of gauge theories, including supersymmetric and string theories. Their talks covered a wide area of recent developments in the field.
1.Gauge fields2.Physics3.String models
621.8PE - M

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