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Tran Thu Ha
Corporate social responsibility to employees: factor affecting and the case of Vietnam oil and gas group /Tran Thu Ha. -H.,2020
12 tr. ;27 cm
The study aims to identify factors affecting corporate social responsibility (CSR) towards employees in Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN). The author applies the quantitative research methods based on questionaire with primary data collected through a survey of employees in PVN. The results find out 5 main factors affecting CSR to employees in Petrovietnam: corporate leader’s perception on CSR; employee’s perception on CSR; corporate culture; mass organization; legal system and conventions about labor; in which corporate leader’s perception took the most influence on CSR to employees in PVN. Upon this;the study suggests some solutions to improve CSR to employees in PVN
1.Corporate governance2.Employees3.Corporate social responsibility4.PetroVietnam

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