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Bui Ngoc Dung
Multiple vehicles detection and tracking for intelligent transport systems using machine learning approaches /Bui Ngoc Dung, Manh Dzung Lai , Tran Vu Hieu , Nguyen T. H. Binh. -H.,2019
11 tr. ;27 cm
Video surveillance is emerging research field of intelligent transport systems. This paper presents some techniques which use machine learning and computer vision in vehicles detection and tracking. Firstly the machine learning approaches using Haar-like features and Ada-Boost algorithm for vehicle detection are presented. Secondly approaches to detect vehicles using the background subtraction method based on Gaussian Mixture Model and to track vehicles using optical flow and multiple Kalman filters were given. The method takes advantages of distinguish and tracking multiple vehicles individually. The experimental results demonstrate high accurately of the method
1.Vehicle detection2.Tracking3.Background subtraction4.Optical flow5.Kalman filters
1.Manh Dzung Lai2.Tran Vu Hieu3.Nguyen T. H. Binh

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