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Nguyen Hoang Tung
Examining influenced factors of the preparation phase on total construction time delay of build-operate-transfer transport projects in Vietnam /Nguyen Hoang Tung, Pham Diem Hang. -H.,2019
13 tr. ;27 cm
The involvement of private investors in public works has been widely-known under the scheme of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) world-wide. Although being started in early years of the twenty-one century, the PPP scheme in Vietnam is still waiting for its booming period due to an incomprehensive regulation system. As of an approval of some important PPP decrees, the period of 2010-2018 is considered as a remarked period for the PPP development in Vietnam, especially in transport sector. Using the neural network approach, this study contributes to the literature by providing an insight of 48 build-operate-transfer (BOT) transport projects completed in the period. Findings of this study are meaningful to the field because they highlight several influenced factors of the project preparation phase those affect total completed construction time of the investigated projects
1.Public-Private Partnerships2.Build Operate Transfer3.Transport4.Vietnam5.Project Delay
1.Pham Diem Hang

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