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Pham Quoc-Hoang
Optimization of milling process parameters for energy saving and surface roughness /Pham Quoc Hoang, Dang Xuan Phuong, Doan Tat Khoa,.... -H.,2019
11 tr. ;27 cm
Improving the technical parameters of the machining process is an effective solution to save manufacturing costs. The purpose of this work is to decrease energy consumption (EC) and average surface roughness(ASR) for the milling process of AISI H13 steel. The spindle speed (S), depth of cut (a), and feed rate (f) were the processing inputs. The milling runs were performed using the experimental plan generated by the Box-Behnken method approach. The relationships between inputs and outputs were established using the response surface models (RSM). The desirability approach (DA) was used to observe the optimal values. The results showed that the reductions of EC and ASR are approximately 33.75% and 40.58%, respectively, as compared to the initial parameter setting. In addition, a hybrid approach using RSM and DA can be considered as a powerful solution to model the milling process and obtain a reliable optimal solution.
1.Milling2.Energy3.Surface roughness4.Parameter5.Desirability approach6.Optimization
1.Dang Xuan Phuong2.Doan Tat Khoa3.Le Xuan Hung4.Luong Thi Lan Huong5.Nguyen Trung Thanh

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