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Tran Van Long
A new variant of radial visualization for supervised visualization of high dimensional data /Tran Van Long, Nguyen Dinh Thi. -H.,2019
11 tr. ;27 cm
Radial Visualization technique is a non linear dimensionality reduction method. Radial Visualization projects multivariate data in the 2-dimensional visual space inside the unit circle. Radial Visualization supports display both the samples and the attributes that provides useful information of data structures. In this article, we introduced a new variant of Radial Visualization for visualizing high dimensional data set that named Arc Radial Visualization. The new proposal that modified Radial Visualization supported more space to display high dimensional datasets. Our method provides an improvement in visualizing cluster structures of high dimensional data sets on the Radial Visualization. We present our proposal method with two quality measurements and proved the effectiveness of our approach for several real datasets.
1.Radial visualization2.High-dimensional data3.Quality visualization
1.Nguyen Dinh Thi

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