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Nguyen Thi Van Ha
Efficiency of supply chain management – case study of construction companies in Vietnam /Nguyen Thi Van Ha . -H.,2020
11 tr. ;27 cm
Construction industry in the world have accessed the viewpoint of supply chain management and applied to construction practices since 1990. Due to the differentiated features;the application of supply chain management in construction has been slow and faced a lot of difficulties. Over the recent years;construction companies in Vietnam have tried their best to overcome the economic recession in general and in the construction industry in particular to get business efficiency and efficiency to exist in the construction market. Many companies have moved forward;reengineered their structure;and collaborate with their partners to enhance their business results. This paper makes mention of supply chain and supply chain management in construction with collaboration;benefits;and barriers in order to evaluate the efficiency of supply chain management in construction companies in Vietnam
1.Supply chain2.Supply Chain Management3.Collaboration4.Integration5.Construction Industry

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